Alexa Skills, engineered by TribalScale.


We’re excited to announce that we have joined Amazon’s list of experienced Alexa Skill builders!

Alexa is a cloud-based voice service behind the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap and FireTV. Alexa Skills provide capabilities that let you interact with these devices in a more intuitive way using voice.

Our CEO, Sheetal Jaitly, sees potential for rapid adoption of voice assistant services like Alexa:

“At TribalScale we’re always looking to experiment with innovative platforms and emerging technology, and Amazon Alexa is no exception.”

– Sheetal Jaitly, CEO

We’ve experienced quick success leveraging Alexa. In 2016, we won the first Amazon Alexa Hackathon in Canada building a skill for a connected fridge.

From then on, we’ve built a myriad of internal skills, and worked with the likes of PGA Tour to develop enterprise level software for Alexa.

The journey with Alexa is just beginning, and we’re excited to continue designing, building, and developing skills for our world-class clients.


PGA Tour

PGA Tour is the world’s premier platform for golfers, boasting the most talented players from across the globe, to compete in tournaments that operate year round and advance in the world rankings. Part of their mission, as stated on their website, is to entertain and inspire fans as well as grow the game of golf. In order to help deliver their mission, TribalScale teamed up with the PGA Tour Labs & Innovation team to develop an Alexa skill for their Pro Circuit.

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About TribalScale

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