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ABC News
Android Development, iOS Development
ABC News is one of America’s largest and most trusted news sources. As the US elections drew closer, ABC News wanted to put its best foot forward with a highly polished, stable and palatable application. ABC News and TribalScale partnered to build a best in class mobile app on both iOS and Android.


Users on the ABC News platforms demand an instant, seamless experience. ABC engaged TribalScale to help provide live video updates, as well as gain real-time analytics into use patterns. These features were implemented seamlessly across Android and iOS platforms.

Data, Push, and Live Streaming to create a world-class user experience

Through an iterative weekly process TribalScale delivered a 5-Star user experience, while incorporating all of the features that ABC necessitated for a successful project. The TribalScale Agile development team streamlined the live video feature to deliver election coverage to users in real-time. In addition, the teams integrated video captioning to all video content in the application. A new push notification system (Appboy) was integrated to ensure timely updates on breaking news. Real-time analytics were incorporated, providing ABC the ability to gather data on user patterns within the application.

A continued partnership

Since the release of the app refresh, ABC News has continued its partnership with TribalScale, ensuring best in class user experience across its digital platforms.