Smart Clothing. Smart Technology.

Web development
Athos is the newest innovation in the connected clothing space. The Athos team is producing exercise gear that tracks biometric data to provide useful insights for your workout. Muscle exertion, balance and heart rate can all be tracked by their gear with the purpose of improving your form and habits. Athos teamed up with TribalScale to create a premium coaching product within the fitness industry.

World-Class Hardware Meets 5-Star Software

Athos' goal was to disrupt the traditional method of tracking workout progress by replacing physical binders and spreadsheets with its world-class technology. The web app required intuitive ease of use; anyone should be able to utilize the technology without issue. In order to create this web-platform and address this need, TribalScale created a simplistic, easily navigated experience.

A New Way for Coaches to Monitor Athletes

With Athos, coaches are fed biometric data for each individual athlete in real time. Taking a glance at data and diagnosing improper form or an injury will be instantaneous, as opposed to examining each person individually, which is extremely time-intensive. TribalScale’s Agile engineering team built an in-app flow of all incoming user data that streamlines the training process.
“We are very pleased with the web-interface for workout planning — this allows coaches to plan and individually analyze how each athlete performed after the fact, down to the granularity of every exercise and which muscles were used.”
- DJ Jayalath, CEO, Athos