PGA Tour

Experience the Tour. Through Voice.

PGA Tour
Design, Alexa skill development
The PGA Tour is the world’s premier platform for golfers, boasting the most talented players from across the globe. Part of the PGA Tour’s mission is to entertain and inspire fans as well as grow the game of golf. In order to help deliver their mission, TribalScale teamed up with the PGA Tour Labs & Innovation team to develop an Alexa skill for their Pro Circuit.

The Voice of the PGA Tour

As consumer AI platforms become increasingly popular and convenient, the PGA Tour wanted to expand the availability of content to fans, giving them the ability to experience the Tour through Alexa’s Voice User Interface. TribalScale developed a voice user interface (VUI) document that defined the interactions and the results of the possible outcomes from the communications between a fan and Alexa.

Seamless Interaction

TribalScale developed the PGA Tour Alexa skill to establish a seamless voice interaction between Alexa and golf fans. A cloud-based application was built to integrate with Alexa and the PGA Tour data feeds to ensure live updates for the tour were readily available. Through an iterative process, TribalScale produced weekly builds for the PGA Tour team to ensure their objectives were always accurately represented.