0 to 100 Real Quick

By Sheetal Jaitly

As we scale our team, we’re also putting a big emphasis on diversity. I want to come clean and be honest with everyone. When we started TribalScale, diversity was not my top priority. We were more focused on finding our product-market-fit. As we started growing, it really hit me that our strength was coming from a variety of people with different backgrounds and experiences. So we set a mission to create a more diverse Tribe.

I feel that amping up our diversity DNA at the 100 mark is perfect timing. We have a chance to do this now and make a real impact that will scale our values well into our future as we get to 250 employees, 1,000 employees, 10,000 employees, and so on. It gets harder to do this as an organization gets larger. The time is now.

In the past year, we’ve been actively involved in the community about diversity issues by hosting events and sponsoring diverse causes. We did this not only to attract diverse talent to TribalScale, but to also create more awareness about diversity issues in the current tech ecosystem.

However, we have A LOT more work to do. So I’ve been on the hunt for diverse talent, and meeting with various leaders to ideate and strategize on how to build a diverse team. As a first step, I want to publish our diversity stats to the public, and I’ll continue to publish more often. I also challenge others to do the same.

Key Stats

  • About 22% of our leadership team is female
  • Our Tribe speaks 22 different languages
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