Can’t Spell “TribalScaleCulture” Without “Culture”

By Leo Lee


1. “the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group.”2. “that feel of waking up and wanting to go to work because it doesn’t feel like work…it’s fun.”

“Workplace culture is not that important.” — Said no one ever. Trust me, I even tried Googling it to make sure I didn’t look dumb claiming something that was false. Culture is important to us here at TribalScale, but you know what else is important? It being organic.

You can’t force culture. Company culture here is going to be different than culture at other companies. Yes, I just blew your mind with that fact, but where does it really start? For us, I say it starts with our founding team and how they value transparency. There’s two types of transparency:

Companies will claim they’re 2 when they’re really 1. If I said half the things I say now to our CEO to any of my old bosses, I’d be kicked to the curb and would have to earn a living by selling my fire mixtape. But you know what? That’s what makes us, well, us. We all respect each other enough to be real with each other, and to me, that’s the first to “DJ Khaled’s Keys to Success” in having a great work culture — THE FREEDOM TO BE YOU.

Are you keeping up? No? That’s okay because the first key is probably already the most important. I guess there’s other things here that help us maintain our dope culture:

  • Cool batch of co-ops every term
  • Cool batch of co-ops every term that naturally get turned into memesREEEEACH, :raymond-derp: , Space Apps, Lightning, Yumhums
  • Equal emphasis on culture fit during the hiring processSo you can find the largest number in an array and can reverse a string, but can you teach me how to dougie?
  • Friday SocialsMusic / Snacks / Games (Board Games, Flip Cup, Beer Pong) / Drinks flowing @ 5 o’clock every Friday — Guests are welcome and encouraged as always
  • Smash Bros / Foosball / Ping PongBasic, but hey, it works
  • Casual Walk & TalksSheetal (our CEO) will take a bunch of newcomers out for afternoon coffee / juice break to talk about anything they want to talk about
  • Volleyball TeamMonday night beach volleyball team during the summer
  • Lightning Talks Lunch & Learn10 minute talks on any fascinating topic by TVO (TribalScale’s Very Own)
  • TribalScale Social GroupFacebook Group… It’s Lit!
  • Music VideosWe shoot music videos every co-op term for the lulz
  • 5 at 5s5 people from different departments meet at 5 on Tuesdays for apps & drinks
  • 16 at 6s5 at 5s (Sheetal’s Version)
  • But wait, there’s more! If you read in the next minute, you’ll also get:

  • Friday #Takeovers
  • “S” Fired Tallies
  • :happy-dave:
  • Daily Team Standups Warcry
  • Gotta Go Fast
  • #JoshWilksFanClub
  • And if you didn’t get any of the references above — don’t fret. It’s simply because you haven’t experienced our culture… yet 😉 (Join Now!)

    We work hard here at TribalScale, but our unique culture also enables us to enjoy the day-to-day work that we do. If you don’t believe us, drop by and see for yourself or download my 🔥 mixtape.

    Leo is one of our product managers, former engineer and freestyle MC. To learn more about Leo or any of our tribe, come visit us and apply here.

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