By Anushae Hussain

“Take a chance, you never know what might happen”

The first time I heard the word chance was from playing a game of Monopoly. Each time I picked up a chance card, I would either be given a possibility to excel or be overcome with risk. There are always pros and cons to taking a chance, and luckily in my situation the pros far outweighed the cons.

When I finished high school, I had little idea about what career path I wanted to pursue. Never did I consider design, though I always considered myself creative. With encouragement from my parents, I decided to pursue a field that was extremely new to me. I applied to Parsons School of Design, in New York, and when I got accepted, flew from my home in Pakistan 6,990 miles to New York. This was the first chance I took, and it had given me the courage to take many more since then. This is where my story with TribalScale begins.

Having finished school and in need of a job, I uprooted my life in New York to Toronto. I wasn’t convinced I’d find a job in my field, as I had heard from friends that it was tough finding work in the city. Putting myself out there to strangers left me feeling vulnerable, but I knew that nothing big happens within your comfort zone.

I was a month into applying for jobs, when I was offered a job at TribalScale. My university career had been entirely based on advertising and branding; interning at Milk Studios and working on large brands like Nike. Though I was hesitant to enter the tech industry, I knew it was a new opportunity to learn and grow my skills in other areas of design.

I joined TribalScale when the company was at its grass roots, and it felt great to be the third employee of a growing business. Though taking chances was now a part of my life, I was still cautious of change. I leaped into UX/UI design quite seamlessly, learning different programs like Sketch, and all the core mobile design hacks. Over the past six months, I have seen the company grow extensively alongside my new skills.

Being a part of such a new startup has allowed me to see the results of chance in the flesh. Each day our teams make decisions that affect the outcome of our organization. As part of TribalScale, my confidence as a designer has grown with experience. The company took a risk on me as a new grad, and gave me the opportunity to learn. I can successfully say I have now designed a handful of mobile apps for various industries, and had a blast doing it. So what’s the moral of my story? Fear is the only thing holding us back from the benefits chance can bring.

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