From Enterprise to Startup

By Danielle Fernandes

Working within the startup space can seem like a foreign concept to those familiar with the enterprise world. Free food and Friday beers seem like a novelty that could quickly wear off when faced with longer working hours, or less resources. Having recently made the jump into the startup world, I’m happy to report that this space holds so much value beyond the kitchen. Here are 5 reasons you should consider taking the plunge.


6 months ago I began my foray into the startup space. Every day since, I’ve been given new opportunities to grow. Unlike many corporate organizations, startups don’t turn their backs on candidates with less experience. Instead, they recognize intelligence and culture fit over hard skills. Startups are willing to teach those skills to the right people, and this in itself is a huge opportunity for growth in a dynamic environment. Within this culture of opportunity individuals are encouraged to learn new skill sets, grow their network, and bolster their personal brand.

Innovation & Creativity

The structure of large organizations can intrinsically inhibit the creative process. As large organizations are generally siloed and wrapped in red tape, it can be difficult to affect large-scale change. In the right startup, silos and red tape should be non-existent. Here at TribalScale, every employee is encouraged to share ideas, creating an ecosystem built on innovation. Because the decision making process is simplified, and employees are empowered to affect change, creativity and innovation reign.

Constant Learning

As the late-great Albert Einstein stated “once you stop learning you start dying”. Though a little extreme in this instance, there is a lot of truth to this famous quote. Startup companies are invested in your growth, and are always encouraging their employees to learn and better themselves. Constant learning opportunities allow you to gain exposure in different areas of a company, and learn from veterans in their given industries.


As in most organizations, startups tend to label their employees with job titles. The differentiating factor in the startup world is that titles never do justice to the daily activities of those individuals. Being a part of an organization that is evolving so rapidly requires everyone to wear various hats. This creates a culture of responsibility, where each individual is entrusted to do the right thing, and held accountable to the outcomes of their efforts. It enables constant growth and opportunity, facilitates learning, and encourages innovation and creativity.


Startups tend to be based on a concrete set of values, instilled in the organization’s day-to-day operations. Values help align organizations with their founders, employees, community, and clients. Here at TribalScale we believe in transparency, merit and empowerment, which shines through the work we do, our team efforts, and the culture we have created.

Though I’m sure there are hundreds of reasons to work in a startup, these are the ones that have stood out most in my experience. They have changed my everyday work life and at the same time, my mindset. Great values, opportunities, and culture create an environment within which people want to work. Seeing as we spend a large amount of our lives in our workplace, we should at least enjoy our time spent there. The next time you’re looking for a new job opportunity, look to the startup community.

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