Hiring for Startups

By Danielle Fernandes

One of the most common factors among startups is the challenge that comes with hiring your dream team. Finding not only great talent, but a good cultural fit, can make or break the success of early-stage startups. There are a multitude of challenges facing startups as they look to scale; a lack of HR and recruiting experience within the company, and most commonly the craziness that comes with building a startup. As we continue to rapidly grow the TribalScale team, we’ve identified some key hiring strategies:

Your employees should be your biggest ambassadors. They’re in the trenches, doing the good work that differentiates your company. Utilizing your employees’ networks, and even incentivizing them through referral programs, can be a great way to attract more talent. The chances are your talented employees, have talented friends!

2. Find talent that fits within your company’s culture

Company culture can be the difference between good and great organizations. Within the tech industry, there has been a huge shift to mimic the office spaces of Silicon Valley. However, culture goes further than ping-pong tables and an open kitchen. Having a strong team and a great environment brings not only the best out of your company, but attracts the best talent. Continue to strive to find talented people that will not only make your company successful, but will exemplify your organization’s culture

3. Don’t close your doors to the less experienced

Don’t be the company that asks for a minimum of 10 years experience. Be the company that gives its employees the chance to learn and grow. Startups are a learning experience for all involved, from co-ops to founders. Don’t shy away from hiring those with less experience. Sometimes it’s easier to teach someone for the first time than try to re-train someone with bad habits.

4. Get to know your candidates

Find and apply different techniques during the interview process. Rely on their resume for experience and then ditch it! Take time to get to know your candidate, take them on a tour of the office, show them what it would be like to work at your company. Even introduce them to your team members. It will help you see how they interact outside of the interview setting.

With each new hire, you shape a multitude of new relationships within your company. Bad and good hires alike can create ripple effects that are felt throughout an organization. Although recruiting can seem like a tedious task, it should be treated with the same concentrated effort as any other aspect of business development.

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