How Tribalscale Exposed Us to the Global Expansion of Technology and Innovation

Zaynah Bhanji & Tanisha Bassan

We are students from The Knowledge Society (TKS), a program that encourages and helps young high school students solve the world’s hardest problems by leveraging emerging technology. We are both so grateful that we had the opportunity to attend TribalScale’s first TakeOver Innovation Conference in Dubai this past November. TakeOver Dubai brought the tech community together for an important discussion on the rate of innovation and the pace of change in the digital market. The conference was a one-day event and featured a host of speakers from all different backgrounds, and from small startups to bigger companies. Why Dubai? Well, with emerging technology at the forefront, the world is changing at a fast pace, and Dubai is gearing up to become a city of the future.

We spoke at the conference and got a first-hand learning experience of Dubai’s investment in the technology sector. We shared our knowledge, worked with a large audience, and taught them something new. Not only did we get to interact with the tech hub in Dubai at TakeOver, but we also learned about the rich culture, the people, and the UAE’s AREA 2071 mission — a mission to make the UAE a leading nation with a fantastic government, education system, and economy to help all individuals thrive.

We want to highlight two key features of the trip and what we learned from being immersed in the city of the future: Dubai has an incredible innovation ecosystem and TakeOver Dubai is accelerating the city’s future in tech.

Dubai is a city that has the best of everything from all around the world, and it is setting new standards of innovation in every field. Dubai has such a rich ecosystem of innovation because it attracts many people from different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. This allows for a great environment where everyone can cultivate new ideas and innovate.

In Dubai, TribalScale is working to bridge gaps in the market by connecting major economies and innovation ecosystems. TribalScale believes that innovation doesn’t happen in isolation and companies can’t afford to stay siloed. Instead, companies need to collaborate and work with others. This is what TribalScale is doing in Dubai. They are bringing their unique and Agile approach to innovation, product, and transformation services, and Venture Studios to Dubai. They’re helping brands in Dubai work and release products in modern, innovative ways.

2. Why TakeOver Dubai? Helping to Shape Dubai’s Future in Tech

TakeOver Dubai was a huge success, the conference brought together a host of people from all different backgrounds for a day of networking and learning. Everyone walked away with an understanding of Dubai’s future in tech and the importance of bringing people together to work toward a larger vision. This is vital for the advancement of any city’s future. Events like TakeOver Dubai bring the community together to learn and work towards reaching the goals of AREA 2071.

TribalScale is helping to accelerate this vision and is creating a global community in this era of technological change. In the future, Dubai will be a leader in the tech sector and TribalScale is partaking in an important mission by collaborating with Canada and the UAE to create a better future for humanity.

TribalScale had a huge role in helping us go to Dubai and exposing us to the rich tech environment. It was so interesting to learn about the differences between Canada and the UAE, and the initiatives they each are taking to grow the strong, futuristic city of Dubai.

We were able to learn so much from the trip to Dubai and would really like to thank the entire TribalScale team for supporting us and providing us with this amazing opportunity!


  • Dubai is such an amazing environment for innovation, and we need more places in the world like this.
  • There are a lot of different cultures and people with different backgrounds in Dubai, which allows for its rich ecosystem of innovation.
  • TakeOver Dubai was an amazing experience that brought together different professionals from around the world who helped others with their innovation strategies.
  • We are so grateful to have had the experience to learn about Dubai’s efforts in creating the city of the future, it left us inspired to continue pursuing our personal ambition in building a better future for humanity — TribalScale has given us the experience of a lifetime!
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    Zaynah is interested in artificial intelligence and virtual reality. At TakeOver Dubai, she talked about how we can combine the two along with other exponential technologies such as brain-computer interfaces and blockchain to solve huge problems in the largest industries such as healthcare and education.

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    Tanisha focuses on quantum computing and she is learning how to impact a billion people by solving an important problem that uses this technology. Her TakeOver talk showcased her project on quantum machine learning which helped classify breast cancer cells as malignant or benign. Quantum computing is a very new concept, there are only a few in the world today, but their impact will be huge in the future, being able to share that with the community in Dubai was amazing.

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