In-Vehicle E-Commerce Platform, Dashero, Launches at CES 2019

By Dashero Team

Dashero — enabling OEMs to power the in-car purchase experience — was a showcased partner at Ford Motor Company’s main booth at CES.

Dashero is an AI-driven e-commerce platform that allows consumers to purchase goods directly from the dashboard of their vehicle for curbside pickup. Dashero is a seamless, integrated platform encompassing leading Automotive OEMs, payment & location providers, and store inventory management systems. It is the first end-to-end, in-vehicle shopping platform that allows for convenient, on-the-go pickup.

Dashero was created by the TribalScale team and ​won the grand prize​ at the 2018 Code Automobility LA Hackathon at the prestigious Los Angeles Auto Show. Hackathon participants were tasked with creating an innovative solution that would help drivers and their passengers make seamless in-car payments and pickups, and get to their destinations, safely and smartly.

Dashero is backed by TribalScale’s ​Venture Studios​, which leverages TribalScale’s teams, processes and tools to create, invest in, and scale disruptive startups in conjunction with Fortune 1000 companies. The innovative platform is already receiving traction from major automotive OEMs and payment providers.

Dashero officially launched at CES 2019, the world’s biggest technology conference, held in Las Vegas from January 8–11. At CES, automotive OEMs and technologists alike will be able to get a firsthand experience of Dashero — the distraction-free way for drivers to make orders at shops along their route using their voice for easy pick-up. Stop by the CES Ford booth (LVCC, North Hall, #5002) and be one of the first to explore how Dashero integrates with the Transportation Mobility Cloud — the leading brand-agnostic platform for streamlining development of applications for connected vehicles — to power the future of e-commerce and the connected car.

How Dashero Works


The Opportunity

Every morning over ​135 million​ Americans get in their car and drive to work, ordering a coffee or breakfast on the way and getting takeout or groceries on their way back home. No matter the length of the commute,​ $212 billion​ is spent to-and-from work each year, and all from the car. Currently, OEMs are passive participants in this economy. Commuters are using mobile applications, often unsafely while driving, to order and pay for goods and services. Dashero is the first platform that is integrated directly into the head unit of a vehicle and allows for voice-driven input and payment. Head unit integration is the key to a seamless and safe in-vehicle ordering experience.

In addition, Dashero helps to eliminate congestion in major cities. By utilizing time spent commuting to process orders, Dashero reduces the need for drivers to find parking as orders are picked up curbside and delivered by store agents directly to the vehicle.

With Dashero, stores get connected with commuters in real-time to easily accept orders and drivers have a distraction-free way to place orders on-the-go. No smartphone required.

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