Loyalty Membership is Not Real Loyalty

By Jared Gordon

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At TribalScale, we call ourselves a ‘global innovation firm’ — it’s the best way to capture in words the variety of things our company does. But calling ourselves that doesn’t mean anything unless we dedicate time to building new things and thinking in new ways. And we do this. Big time.

We set aside a lot of time to brainstorm new ideas, new directions, and to rethink what we do and how we could do it better. This way we can be sure that what we’re offering is different to what anybody else is offering, and we can feel confident that the strategies we share with our clients are the right choice for them. Judging by their reactions, that confidence and that passion shows.

We recently spent some time thinking about loyalty and how it might affect our financial services clients as we move into the third decade of the 21st Century. In the past, loyalty programs have focused on maintaining transactional loyalty with their customers, which is not the same thing as real loyalty.

“Real loyalty is the long-term trust and affection grown over time through a history of shared experiences.”

We believe the brands who can learn to build this with their customers will be the ones to succeed in the future, and we want to help them do it. In our latest white paper, you will rethink your approach to loyalty programs and learn tactics to future-proof your programs and products in a rapidly shifting landscape.

Click here to download your copy of the white paper.


About the author

Jared Gordon is Head of Financial Services at TribalScale who built his career at the intersection of human need and commercial opportunity. He is a trusted advisor to global FIs on their transition from a product centric world view to a customer centric worldview and helping FIs create new value for their customers. Jared looks to balance his love of building things that scale, with a mediocre backswing and a love of comic books.

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