My Time at TribalScale

By Mark Emery

“Surround yourself with the smartest people, for if you know the least in the room then you have the most to learn.”

Farhan Thawar said this after giving a presentation in our office, where he explained every step you need to take to be successful. As a first time co-op, those words resonated with me, as I’d just spent every day for the past 4 months in a room full of people to learn from.

The word learn means so much more at TribalScale. It doesn’t mean “sit in a lecture hall for three hours, writing pages of notes you’ll never read.” It doesn’t mean “read this large document on the repetitive processes you’ll be following for the rest of your career” as it does at most corporations. It meant sitting down with the CTO and scoping an internal project to refine the QA process. It meant pair programming with a lead engineer to create an Alexa app that we could use as a virtual concierge. But most of all it meant actually seeing and making an impact every day, and going home satisfied knowing that I was able to make that difference.

That’s really the best part of TribalScale — that you can see your contributions. When we changed or improved any of the processes we followed day to day, we would modify the internal wiki to reflect that. After successfully completing builds on time and having a successful launch, you get more than just a pat on the back to let you know you did well. You could tell that recognition isn’t something they have to do, it’s something they believed in.

So what is TribalScale to me now? After 4 months working there it became more than just my day to day. I’d find myself staying after work to play video games with co-workers, stay over weekends to compete in internal hackathons, and going to lunch with just about everyone, including the CEO. That’s just the kind of place TribalScale is, one where you really do feel that element of family. And though I don’t work at TribalScale anymore, I know that I’ll always remain part of the Tribe.

About the author

Mark Emery is a first year student at the University of Waterloo. He spent four awesome months working with the TribalScale team out of their Toronto headquarters.

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