Watch Out Now → We’re Over 200 Strong

By Sheetal Jaitly

TribalScale is taking off like a rocketship. In just over 2 years, we’ve grown from 5 to over 200, we’ve outgrown three headquarter offices in Toronto, and we keep expanding internationally. Plus, we’re hiring for over 50 full-time positions.

There are hundreds of smart, innovative startups that are breaking boundaries and disrupting industries all over the world. They found their product-market-fit, have big aspirations, and are staffed by geniuses. But a lightning bolt hit TribalScale. We are one of the world’s fastest growing companies and we’re a team of 200 people pushing for 500. We have big plans and even bigger aspirations. Our foundation is solid and we are scaling like nothing you’ve ever seen before. We will bring in even more smart and hungry people, and together we’ll grow our organization to bring in revenue of over $100 million dollars a year. Watch as TribalScale executes on projects, transforms teams, and builds startups with corporations. TribalScale is the team that powers the innovation labs of the future.

But you don’t scale a business from 0 to 200 in such a short period without some bumps and growing pains along the way…

It’s important that founders and executives come clean and own-up to these hurdles. A culture of honesty and transparency helps you stay grounded, but it will also help your team grow proudly. In this spirit, it’s important for the tech industry to fully acknowledge the diversity issue — and the earlier it happens the better because then we’ll start acting. And so far, there’s been a lot of talk and little action.

Full disclosure, when we started TribalScale diversity wasn’t a top priority. But as we grew, it became clear that strength comes from different backgrounds and experiences. We’ve worked hard to create a more diverse and inclusive team. We made some key hires like Kirstine Stewart as our President and CRO and we’re bringing on the people to take our mission even further. We are finding where our gaps are, and are bringing in the people that have the experience to take us to the next level.

Plus, with diverse opinions you are less likely to get pigeonholed into thinking a particular way, you will embrace new ideas, and your assumptions will be challenged. Watch as diversity helps drive your growth. This is why we made it an imperative to truly improve diversity at TribalScale. However, we have more work to do, which is why we share and publicize our diversity stats. I believe that by creating awareness not only do we attract diverse talent to TribalScale, but we also improve the tech ecosystem because a rising tide lifts all boats.


As we hit 200 I want to celebrate how far we’ve come, but to also acknowledge the work that needs to be done. As I said, TribalScale has big plans and this team has been hit by a lightning bolt. Watch as we grow with diversity in check. Watch as we scale to over $100 million. Watch as TribalScale powers the innovation labs of the future. Watch out now!


About the author

Sheetal Jaitly is the CEO and co-founder of TribalScale. He is an entrepreneur, an avid investor, and a 20-year veteran in the tech space. Sheetal works with organizations — startups to enterprise — in all industries and helps them create digital solutions that will innovate their business, and enhance customer experiences. He is committed to fostering growth and innovation in the Canadian tech community and globally.

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