Shadowing the CEO Part I: Common Misconceptions of CEOs

By Sally Chen

How do you feel about being a CEO? How about one at a fast-growing, profitable and successful tech startup, with 65 employees and 4 locations across North America?

When I asked my friend the other day, he had visions of a luxurious lifestyle.

Although “tech startup CEO” does sound like a badass title, it is never as fancy as it seems. About a month ago, I started shadowing Sheetal Jaitly, CEO at TribalScale. During this time, my understanding of the responsibilities of a CEO has changed significantly.

In this post, I’d like to address some common misconceptions about the role of a CEO:

Many only see the glamorous side of startup founders and the upside potential they have. And yet, behind that successful image, there lie countless small failures, efforts without reward, the 17-hour work day for 7 days a week, and the non-stop grind. As Sheetal always says: “I fuck up. In fact, I fuck up all the time. But failure shouldn’t be something that you’re afraid of — learn from your failures, and keep grinding!”

About the author

Sally is a student at the University of Toronto with a double-major in Economics and History. She is Sheetal’s mentee and intern and is currently working out of the Toronto Office.

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