Start with ‘Why?’

By Jean Bernard (JB) Yung Hing Hin

When people are first introduced to a company the first thing they ask is what: what do they do, what do they make? Then, how do they do it? They don’t think about the drivers of ‘what,’ and it’s not the what that inspires, influences, and motivates us, it’s the why. Why did we do something? Why does it matter? Why did we start TribalScale? Why would someone choose to partner with TribalScale? Why is TribalScale different?

The why is what really counts. Start with why, and then ask what and how.

WHY TribalScale?

Many companies are struggling to achieve innovation. Innovation where the output is an innovative product that uses innovative technologies, or where the output is the innovative process that drives velocity and quality. This could be because of a lack of know-how, misguided practices and methods, internal legacies, or even cultural lag.

TribalScale solves these issues for companies and helps them elevate and innovate. TribalScale is not another consulting company that executes on client requirements, and we don’t coach from the sidelines. TribalScale is an innovation firm and we are creating the future. We aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves, get in the weeds, and find innovative solutions to transform an organization.

WHAT is TribalScale doing to achieve the why?

TribalScale (1) helps organizations innovate by releasing stellar products and technologies. Partner clients come to us for product strategy, design, and build. We work very closely with our partners throughout the entire engagement, and together we brainstorm and collaborate on the solution. Our work process gives clients the opportunity to provide feedback, and we continue to release until they are ultimately satisfied. TribalScale is truly a digital innovation partner, we wear your hat.

Diving deeper, TribalScale will (2) transform the client organization and ensure they have the innovation knowledge, processes, and methods they need to deliver quality results, and fast. Through transformation, we streamline communications, foster transparency, project velocity, and individual and collective empowerment. We teach our clients the skills, best-practices, and mindsets needed for improved execution.

So, HOW do we do this?

How do we make sure we live, eat, and breathe innovation? How do we guarantee substance time, and time again? It’s in our process and our people.

At TribalScale, we pair: our engineers will sit and code with our client’s engineers, our Product Managers pair with their Product Managers, and this goes all the way to the business analysts, designers, and so on. Through pairing we bring our secret sauce to the clients’ organization, it’s just part of our DNA.

Our teams are made up of the best of the best and we make sure they have the potential to thrive and stay at the forefront of the latest tech trends. We do this through the ‘beach.’ The beach is TribalScale’s place to push the boundaries of technology, it’s for ongoing learning and research. On the beach our teams engage in R&D, which allows us to provide our clients with the latest digital products and platforms. It is our chance to identify opportunities, learn to implement, and test the limits. The beach gives us the chance to make sure we’re the first to implement and release emerging tech for our clients. The beach also gives us the chance to level-up our talent so we maintain a high bar throughout. We teach and train each member of TribalScale the skill-sets they need to be on top, but also the unique processes that make us tick.

TribalScale is an innovation platform, we are more than a company that builds digital products or consults on strategy. We enable other companies to innovate and lead in the digital era. Our innovation platform allows companies (both startups and enterprises) to deliver on the latest trends, frameworks, and platforms. TribalScale has the know-how and capacity to deliver results week after week, and in partnership with our clients.


About the author

As Co-Founder and Director of Engineering, JB plays a major role in TribalScale’s growth. From the get-go he’s been responsible for the recruitment, hiring, and mentoring of TribalScale’s engineering teams in Toronto, OC, and Dubai. He is great with people and manages his teams with expertise, all while scaling-up. JB understands the importance of keeping an open-mind when growing, and the value of making meaningful connections within the community. He also oversees all of TribalScale’s engineering projects, works closely with QA, and draws on his stellar record to help create integrative and innovative customer solutions.

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