TribalScale Gets a New Look

By The TribalScale Marketing Team

Why is a company’s brand important? This was the question we asked ourselves when we made the decision to rebrand back in January.

It’s not just a logo, and it’s not just a name — a brand is a vision for the future. It’s a plan that you put into action every day to shape your business into what you want it to be.

Profound, right?

Maybe it’s a touch on the philosophical side, but here at TribalScale having this kind of vision is something we’ve held close to our hearts from the very beginning, and it’s something we’ve tried to express through our branding.

Not many tech companies take the time to think about their brand when starting out, but this is exactly what the founding members of TribalScale did when they sat down and, over a few drinks at their favourite bar, started a company.

From those five founders back in 2015, TribalScale has grown into a thriving organization with 230 employees in six different cities across three different countries. With that growth has come some sweeping changes to our landscape, and to our customer base, and while each of us still has our eyes fixed steadily on the road ahead, the things we see have diverged slightly, and so it felt like the right time to refocus — to rebrand.

Our CEO, Sheetal Jaitly, summed it up best:

“The market landscape is changing and it was time that we evolve and disrupt ourselves with a rebrand. We’re always pushing the boundaries and growing, so we shook things up and created a brand identity that matches our process and mindset.”

To do this we had to think about who we wanted to be. We knew we needed something to reflect our global reach, and we knew we had to think about the future and what we could offer it. We basically had to get our heads in the same space as Sheetal, who already lives in the world of flying cars.

We wanted a single message. This was for two reasons: We wanted a simple but ambitious idea to present to the world. And we wanted to transform how our teams work together, to become more collaborative, and that meant having everyone understand the whole picture.

We also wanted to stand out from our competitors. We do what nobody else does, so we wanted to look how no one else looks.

With all this in mind, our own philosophy dictated that we get an outside perspective. We help companies innovate by breaking barriers and disrupting patterns, so that’s what we wanted for us. We wanted to disrupt ourselves.

The company we chose for the task was award-winning digital and design agency, OneMethod. OneMethod interviewed and worked closely with our teams to distill a brand identity that precisely reflects our internal culture, market offering and differentiation.

It was like a therapy session. They sat with us, they got to know us, they got in our minds to see things the way we see them.

They understood the idea of pairing, a practice essential to our identity and to our success, and they paired with us to work more effectively, just like we do. They dove deep, like we do. They stood up and discussed solutions, like we do. They asked the right questions, like we do.

In the end, the team was unanimous on the final product. OneMethod laid out four possible options for us to choose from, and we all chose the option that looked the most different. Different from our competitors, different to what we had before, and different to anything we’d ever seen.

The new brand identity resonates with job seekers, Fortune 500s and startups alike. It’s sleek, bold, forward-thinking, and it emphasizes TribalScale’s human-centered approach to development, design, and innovation.

Growing at the speed that we have has not come without its problems, and letting go of the identity on which we built our success hasn’t been easy either. We have a strong emotional connection to our origin story but we’ve accepted that this transition is just another part of that ongoing narrative.

And, after all, “surrendering the things that have served you for so long is part of the human experience,” said Jane Motz-Hayes, our Director of Design.

By the launch on September 12, we felt like we had a pretty good idea of why branding is so important — it shapes how you’re perceived, and how you perceive yourselves, it binds the team together and it shapes your goals for the future. We think our vision is pretty spot on, and we’ve never been more ready to start realizing it.

Watch how we introduced our new look and feel.

Read more about the rebrand in our press release:

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