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TribalScale’s Returning Coops

By Natalia Zigante, Bernadine Crisostomo, Jawadur Rashid & Eric Chen

It’s so important to be surrounded by individuals who are going to ignite your creativity and expand your growth. That is exactly the sort of environment and workplace culture we experienced at TribalScale in each of our last co-op terms, which is why we decided to come back for more. So what’s so special about TribalScale?

1. Freedom

At TribalScale, I’ve had the opportunity to build up my expertise on the Android platform by developing for a range of apps, while also having the opportunity to potentially branch off into iOS or Web development. That level of freedom and the creativity to explore these technologies was important to me.

One of the goals that I set for myself was to really define and own my role. I didn’t want to be just “the coop,” I wanted to take on various responsibilities and be involved with all parts of life at TribalScale. The great thing about working in an Agile company like TribalScale, is that you have the opportunity to do exactly that. This isn’t your typical 9–5 company, where you might be working in a niche role and perhaps are guided by only one way of thinking. Instead, we are the go-getters who are free to think and explore new ways of creating the future of technology.

— Jawadur, Agile Engineer, Winter 2017

2. The People

You’re not just a number. At work, I feel like I’m a valued member of the team and can interact on a personal level with my coworkers, who are all so passionate about their work. It inspires me to see people talk about their projects and this empowers me to work even harder. My coworkers are diverse; they come from all kinds of professional backgrounds and have a wealth of experience to share and learn from. They’re experts in their fields and I feel like I have all the necessary resources to grab from when I need to. We’re always sharing new products, ideas, news, and other articles with each other, which keeps me up to speed with my work processes and best practices. Desks are truly no-barriers, so I feel at ease asking people around me for help or feedback when I need it. It’s even nice to see that leadership isn’t separated from the rest of the team — if I want to speak to our CEO, Sheetal, about something, he’s accessible and fairly easy to get a hold of. Jane, our Creative Director, sits right behind me. I can just turn right around and seek guidance.

— Eric, UI/UX Designer, Summer 2017


#Failfast is part of the culture at TribalScale. Every morning we share our hard lessons and key learnings. Hearing the failures and success stories of others in an open space lets me know that I could do this job and it is okay to make mistakes. Since I came in with no prior work experience, this mentality was so helpful.

At TribalScale, you will be supported by all teams and someone will surely help you find the right solution to any problem. This creates a great work environment and it’s very conducive to building and exploring emerging technologies. I have the opportunity to explore new tech, learn about fire-TV, and code on new platforms in an open learning environment that embraces mistakes and trial and error. At TribalScale, You will get every opportunity to build on your expertise, even if your skillset is lacking, you will receive the training to become the best version of yourself.

During my first term as a co-op, I started in Quality Assurance, which was a great route to gain the experience I wanted to become a developer. I learned and made mistakes along the way, but I got a real insight into the tech industry and the importance of Agile methodologies.

— Bernadine, Agile Engineer, Summer 2017

4. Take Charge

One of the biggest highlights for me was being back for TribalScale’s TakeOver Innovation Conference, which was held on June 11th. Last year, TakeOver was the first time I had the chance to help plan a large-scale event and it was the first conference held by TribalScale, which made it really special. I got to be part of a ground-breaking event for female representation in tech and leadership. It was exciting not only to be back for TakeOver 2018, but to build upon my experience in marketing. What makes this experience unique is that I get to work on an all-female team, and I work alongside senior women who are driving change in the tech industry. I have the chance to see how each of these women are working hard to build and change the future of innovation and tech on a daily basis. It’s fulfilling to know that I have a say, and am playing a role in creating this future.

— Natalia, Marketing, Fall 2017

Natalia is a third year student studying Sports and Business at the University of Waterloo. She is the Spring-Summer 2018 Marketing Intern. Outside of her internship, Natalia is working with a student design team at Waterloo, and as a Brand Ambassador for the female entrepreneur documentary “Dream, Girl.”

Bernadine is a fourth year Computer Science student at the University of Toronto, St.George Campus, and loves to learn and explore new technologies. Aside from work, she loves tennis, food, and is a part-time video game streamer.

Jawadur is a second year student studying Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo. He loves to build new things and learn new technologies. Outside of work, he enjoys playing basketball, going to the gym, keeping up with hip-hop culture and reading books.

Eric is a third year business student at Queen’s University and is a self-taught UI/UX designer. Aside from work, he enjoys film photography, fashion, and hip-hop culture.

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