When You Lift, You Will Be Lifted: Six lessons from my time at TribalScale

By Rachel Wexler

I’ve been at TribalScale for 8 months now and as I reflect on my time here, I can’t help but equate my experiences to our values. Values that enable me to work at a job where I get up each morning with a smile on my face, and work alongside people I admire and learn from. It’s a job you look forward to every Monday morning.

TribalScale itself is a whirlwind of opportunity, growth, and excitement. I’ve grown personally and professionally, because in TribalScale I’ve found my people.

When you lift, you will be lifted means two things. 1) Eagles fly with eagles. TribalScale attracts a type: the go-getters with an entrepreneurial spirit that are eager and ambitious. 2) We challenge and push ourselves. We’re pursuing talent with new skill-sets and perspectives that enable them to think outside of the box. This way, we grow dynamically and think beyond the status quo. At the end of the day, TribalScale becomes its people, and these are the type of people we want to become.


1 TribalScale is a people-first company, and this comes right from the top. Once you’re under the TribalScale roof, you’re part of the family. The leadership team works tirelessly to help every single member of the team, and will do whatever they can to make sure you thrive in this organization or anywhere else. Even while massively growing and scaling, the leadership team makes a point to connect with every new hire, and provides them with the resources, connections, and skills they need to be the best. Sheetal, our CEO, also encourages everyone from coop students to the sales team to pitch for their personal growth. TribalScale trusts and believes in its people, and that doesn’t change whether you’re 5 people or scaling to over 150.

2 Why focus on slightly improving your weaknesses, when you can focus on being exceptional in your strengths? At TribalScale we believe in finding your strengths so we can help you take them to the next level. Our employees take a strengths finding test that provides a personalized ranking of 34 traits. Our advisor individually coaches us through our strengths, and actively encourages us to embrace them. Everyone at TribalScale knows, owns, and champions their skills. This progressive and forward thinking approach to work gives us confidence, and inspires us to embrace our differences, own them, and ultimately empower others to do the same. Have you ever had a conflict with a co-worker and couldn’t figure out why? Think about their strengths and weaknesses vs. yours, and how your differences might actually pair well to balance out for collaborative work. It’s all about new ways of thinking!


3 Everyone at TribalScale is accessible, it’s up to you to take the initiative, seize opportunities, and learn from the amazing pool of talent. Pairing and collaborating is part of TribalScale’s DNA. Our engineers practice extreme programming, which is agile development cranked to the max — two of our engineers work on the same code, one writes while the other reviews. They operate on a weekly cadence, aiming for fast feedback and quick releases. But these practices go well beyond the engineers. Each team practices the rituals — the culture of failfast, kudos, weekly demos, and stand-ups — we all work together, and across teams. For example, in the marketing team, we regularly pair and sync with our offices in the OC or in Dubai. The designers and developers pair, marketing and design pairs; the practice is embedded in us and trickles throughout. Even the fact that I get to pair with my CIO, COO, Creative Director, and CEO says something pretty special about the culture of learning and growth at TribalScale. We are all working together. #OneTeam.

4 TribalScale empowers you to think outside of the box. Look at the future, what does it look like? Now, bring those ideas to the table. Every single team member has something unique to contribute, and we make that work. For example, Venture Studios enables smart, eager entrepreneurs to connect with corporates, access resources, and build something killer. At TribalScale, your boss will give you the leeway and opportunities to take a leap. Everyone has the chance to run with the resources at TribalScale and create something great. When I first started, my team was given a massive conference to plan in just two months. The leadership team laid it all out and trusted this new young team with a massive project. We owned it and are in the midst of planning TakeOver 2018.


5 The culture at TribalScale is really special. I genuinely don’t think we take enough time to step back and appreciate it. It’s pretty rare for a 20-year-old coop student to be able to go right up to a member of the leadership team, ask a question, collaborate, and learn from them. When we announced the launch of our Venture Studios the executive team made sure each of us knew the numbers, the revenue targets, and future plans. We also have monthly town halls, anonymous question and request forms, and weekly 1:1s. It doesn’t matter if you’re a coop student or a manager, you’re in the know.

6 TribalScale is a company that puts its money where its mouth is. We don’t just say we support diversity, we do it. #movethedial is housed at TribalScale here in Toronto and we pledge money to the cause. We also had a diversity mandate at our 2017 TakeOver Conference — which we hit and surpassed. We have an all-star female Creative Director and Director of HR, and early this year, Kirstine Stewart came on as President and CRO. We want to see more women in tech, and in top leadership positions across all industries. But this goes beyond gender representation. While we grow and scale, we realize that it needs to be done right. TribalScale doesn’t just hire for culture-fits but for culture-adds. We value diverse skills, backgrounds, and interests, let’s think outside of the box and push each other to rise to the top.

I am proud to work for, and with, TribalScale’s leadership team. They are some of the smartest, kindest, and most passionate people I’ve ever met. At TribalScale, diversity starts at the top, the whole team lives innovation, and each member has the chance to make this place their own. We live and breathe empowerment, meritocracy, and transparency.

The major piece to all of the above: make sure your company’s values align with your own. If you believe in the organization and their mission, you will thrive and internalize the entire ethos. I think I’ve met my match with TribalScale.

Once you’re part of TribalScale, you’re always part of TribalScale, no matter what.


Rachel Wexler is the Director of Marketing at TribalScale. She defines the internal and external marketing strategy and aligns it with TribalScale’s culture, mission, and values. She is immersed in the tech community and is putting TribalScale on the world stage with TakeOver Innovation Conference.

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