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Human-Centred Design
Human-Centred Design
Products are evolving at an exponential rate and are becoming increasingly integrated into users’ lives. Human-centred design is a practice that prioritizes product building around users’ pain points. Our designers utilize this framework to build relevant and problem solving solutions from inception to release.
The Design Sprint
The Design Sprint
The Design Sprint is a step-by-step process and 4 week engagement to test risky and costly ideas before resource commitment. It involves 5 workshops comprised of members from TribalScale as well as your organization. Instead of: inception, build, launch, and data, the Design Sprint focuses on: idea and data – validating an idea with a prototype in front of real users before investing time and resources into a lengthy roadmap.
Now more than ever, customers are receptive to a functional and delightful product, as technology has become an integral part of entertainment and work. We create elegant interfaces, designed to improve conversion rates for your product and ensure your product stands out among the competition.
We bring a best-in-class UX by assessing both your needs and your users’ needs and then specifying product requirements around those needs. Through various design-thinking methodologies to suit your context, such as user interviews, we ensure your users are our north star.
Emerging Technologies
We have worked with many first-to-market companies providing solutions within emerging technologies. Our key to relevancy in new markets is understanding user pain points and gathering user feedback quickly to ensure healthy iteration loops and a successful product launch.
Emerging Technologies
Design System
Design System
An intuitive, maintained, and documented Design System is vital for present and future design and development of your product. We have worked with numerous companies to improve communications among teams by curating product components and documenting them. When implemented, a Design System can improve the relationship among all stakeholders involved in a product: helping understand what is and isn’t possible for future feature releases based on component restrictions.
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