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Meet the Leadership Team

Sheetal Jaitly

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Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Roger Chabra

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Chief Innovation Officer

Mitch Seguin

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Founder, Chief Product Officer

Josh Wilks

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Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Theresa Smith

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Vice President of Global Business Development

Fraser Matthews

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MENA Regional Leader

Harp Gahunia

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VP of Studio Operations

Jerry Lin

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Vice President of Finance

Anisa Berisha

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Vice President of Human Resources

Jane Motz Hayes

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Director of Design

Jean Bernard "JB" Yung Hing Hin

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Founder, Director of Engineering

Alex Dakic

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Director of Delivery Operations

Rachel Wexler

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Director of Marketing

Ardy Rahman

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Director, West Coast

Andrew Leung

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Director of Engineering

Alvaro Pinot

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Director of Engineering

Owen McLoughlin

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Director of Product

Alejandro Rodriguez

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Director of Engineering

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Empowering Our People

We recognize that the best way to ramp up is by empowering our people, personally and professionally. Each team member brings their unique skills, passions, and knowledge to TribalScale. And together, we’re creating products that are used by millions of people around the world. Grow and build with us.

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irvine teamemployees eating breakfast during our 200 employee celebration