BLOGS / Bow Down to Musk’s 25 Guns: Twitter’s Epic Resurrection

Bow Down to Musk’s 25 Guns: Twitter’s Epic Resurrection

Written By:

Sheetal Jaitly


6 June 2024

When Elon Musk took the reins at Twitter, the platform was crying out for a major overhaul. User growth had flatlined, the infrastructure was creaking, and the user experience was about as appealing as dial-up internet. Musk knew he needed more than just a tune-up – he needed a full-blown revolution. Enter his "25 Guns" of engineering.

Identifying the Problem

Elon began with a deep dive into Twitter’s issues. The diagnosis? Outdated infrastructure, a clunky user experience, and a lack of innovative features were dragging the platform down. To breathe new life into Twitter, Musk needed a comprehensive strategy.

Assembling the Team

Drawing from his success at SpaceX and Tesla, Musk knew the key to overcoming Twitter’s challenges lay in assembling the right team. He handpicked a small, elite group of engineers, product managers, designers, and quality assurance experts – his very own "25 Guns."

These were individuals with a proven track record of excelling under pressure and demonstrating exceptional problem-solving skills. Their mission? Not just to fix the existing issues but to reimagine Twitter’s future.

The Mission Begins

Assessment and Planning:

First up was a thorough assessment of Twitter's codebase and infrastructure. The team pinpointed critical weaknesses and prioritized areas needing immediate attention. This phase also included gathering feedback from power users and stakeholders to identify pain points and opportunities for innovation.

Rapid Prototyping and Iteration:

Speed is Musk’s middle name. The team quickly rolled out small, incremental updates to stabilize the platform. Utilizing agile methodologies, they rapidly developed and tested new features, ensuring continuous improvement with each iteration.

Infrastructure Overhaul:

A robust foundation was essential. The team revamped Twitter’s backend infrastructure, implementing scalable solutions to handle higher traffic loads and boost performance. This involved migrating to more efficient servers and optimizing the codebase for speed and reliability.

Enhanced User Experience:

The team redesigned Twitter’s user interface to be more intuitive and engaging. They introduced new features like enhanced multimedia support, improved tweet threading, and customizable timelines. Each change was rigorously tested to ensure it enhanced user engagement without sacrificing performance.

Security and Privacy:

In an era of heightened data security concerns, the team prioritized strengthening Twitter’s security protocols. They implemented advanced encryption methods and improved account protection features to safeguard users’ data.

The Result

In just a few months, Twitter began its transformation. Performance metrics soared, user engagement increased, and the platform started to attract a new wave of users. The successful turnaround of Twitter under Musk’s leadership demonstrated the power of having the right team, strategy, and execution.

Lessons for TribalScale

At TribalScale, we draw inspiration from Musk’s approach. We believe in deploying our own "Seal Team 6" – a highly skilled, cross-functional team of product managers, engineers, designers, and QA specialists. Just like Musk’s team at Twitter, we don’t overwhelm projects with numbers; instead, we bring in the right people with the right skills, processes, and tools to drive success.

Here’s Our Formula for Success:

Top Talent

We're not messing around when it comes to assembling our dream team. Each member is a rock star in their field, handpicked for their expertise, creativity, and innovation.

Optimal Processes

Taking a page from Musk's manual, we've streamlined our processes to tackle each project's unique challenges with surgical precision. No time for fluff—just pure, unadulterated efficiency.

Cutting-Edge Tools:

We're not ones to lag behind. Nope, we're riding the wave of the latest tools and technologies, ensuring our solutions aren't just effective, but downright futuristic. AI? You betcha—it's our secret weapon.

Driven By Excellence

At TribalScale, we don’t just complete projects; we excel at them. By focusing on quality over quantity, we deliver exceptional results for our clients, driving their success and innovation forward.

Ready to transform your project with the right team, process, and tools? Let’s connect and make it happen!


Sheetal is a passionate advocate for Digital Transformation and Global Innovation. He’s led multiple digital transformation initiatives with companies spanning all different industries, including entire re-designs and creations of digital user platforms. Besides being an avid investor and supporter of digital technology companies, Sheetal is a board member of Feed Ontario, a member of Tech4SickKids Council, DMZ, and a TechStars Mentor.


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