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TribalScale's Strategic Partnership with Digital Nova Scotia

Written By:

Nicola Watson


6 July 2022

Driving Innovation in Atlantic Canada

In the dynamic world of technology and digital innovation, partnerships play a pivotal role in fostering growth and driving positive change. One such strategic alliance that holds immense importance to us at TribalScale is our partnership with Digital Nova Scotia (DNS). In this blog, we will delve into who Digital Nova Scotia is, why we have chosen to partner with them, and why this collaboration holds strategic significance for us. Let's dive in! ⤵️

Who is Digital Nova Scotia (DNS)?

Digital Nova Scotia is the industry association for Nova Scotia's thriving ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and digital technologies sector. With a mission to foster the growth of the digital economy in Nova Scotia, DNS is at the forefront of connecting, promoting, and nurturing the digital community in the region. Their membership base is diverse, ranging from startups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to large multinational corporations, universities, colleges, government entities, and non-profits. TribalScale is proud to be among their esteemed members.

Our HR team meeting with our partners from Digital Nova Scotia, exploring exciting opportunities for future collaboration.

Our HR team meeting with our partners from Digital Nova Scotia, exploring exciting opportunities for future collaboration.

Strategic Advantage of Partnering with DNS

Our strategic partnership with DNS was intended to support our efforts to strengthen our employer brand amongst those working in the technology and digital industries on the East Coast. As a professional services company, we value these collaborations strategically for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • Access to Talent Pool: A network of tech-savvy experts, including software developers, QA Engineers, designers, and product managers, is available through Digital Nova Scotia. By collaborating with DNS, TribalScale has access to a talent pool of skilled individuals, which can be crucial for hiring the best candidates for certain projects or growing our team in the area.

  • Collaboration Opportunities: DNS facilitates collaboration and networking among its member organizations. By partnering with DNS, TribalScale can connect with other businesses, startups, research institutions, and government agencies in Nova Scotia's tech ecosystem. This can lead to valuable partnerships, joint ventures, and new business opportunities.

  • Market Insights: DNS provides us with access to market research, industry trends, and data related to the digital and technology sectors. This information can be invaluable for our organization seeking to understand market dynamics, customer needs, and emerging technologies in the region.

  • Business Development Support: As a member of DNS, we have access to their business development programs and initiatives. These include workshops, training sessions, and events designed to help companies grow, innovate, and succeed in the digital economy.

  • Brand Visibility: Being associated with DNS has enhanced our visibility and reputation within the tech community and beyond in Nova Scotia. This has led to increased credibility and trust among potential clients and partners.

  • Community Engagement: Being a part of the DNS network allows TribalScale to actively engage with the local tech community in the province, which up until our partnership was very small. This has led to increased opportunities for mentorship, knowledge sharing, and talent development.

Final Thoughts

In summary, partnering with Digital Nova Scotia has strategically benefited TribalScale in its mission to grow our Employer brand on the East Coast of Canada by providing access to talent, fostering collaboration, offering market insights, supporting business development, influencing policy, enhancing brand visibility, accessing resources, and promoting innovation. It has been a valuable way for us to thrive in the digital economy and establish a strong presence in Nova Scotia's tech ecosystem.


Nicola is the HR manager here at TribalScale and is focused on leading and driving all HR initiatives across the organization. She is originally from Ireland and moved to Toronto in 2019. Outside work she likes to workout with her friends and spend time with her dog Gemma.


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