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TribalScale's Leadership Reflects on the First 5 Years: Special Feature Podcast
Before gaining insights, we must first have meaningful conversations. We are always conversing with industry moguls and putting those insights on blast to the world.
45 MIN
Episode Summary
It's been five years of TribalScale. Flipping through the pages of our history, it's hard to believe all the experiences we've amassed in what is a short amount of time. Epic highlights, immense expansion, humbling lows, and decisions that kept the boat afloat. In this short podcast, we hear from six leaders at TribalScale, across all departments, about their perspectives on TribalScale's successes and challenges, and at the end of the day, what is most important for leading a team in the competitive world of app development. Take an inside peek into our internal processes, discovery processes, business development, cadences, remote working, and the healthy friction that keeps us finding the right clients and the right team members.

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