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Meditation, COVID- 19 Era Marketing, and Future of Automotive with CMO at Cadillac, Melissa Grady
Before gaining insights, we must first have meaningful conversations. We are always conversing with industry moguls and putting those insights on blast to the world.
53 MIN
Episode Summary
TribalScale CEO Sheetal Jaitly is joined by the CMO of Cadillac, Melissa Grady! This day and age, there's so much to ask of someone in an industry like automotive: their COVID-19 era advertising strategy, how'd she get to where she is now? Autonomous vehicles? What can we expect from America's luxury car brand we all know so well? It's all covered in this episode of First Name Basis! Melissa shares her epiphany when deciding to rent a car and driving west without destination in mind, the importance of unplugging, her experience at Jaguar, Motorola and more.

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