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Product Thinking, Key Techniques, and Origin Story with Mike Stern, CEO at Connected
Before gaining insights, we must first have meaningful conversations. We are always conversing with industry moguls and putting those insights on blast to the world.
45 MIN
Episode Summary
TribalScale CEO Sheetal Jaitly is joined by Mike Stern, CEO at Connected for a transparent conversation and swapping of industry expertise between two XtremeLabs alumni. "Go Fail Fast," is the classic line - and it's shaped through stories of doing just that. Where future does Mike urge enterprises to look for post-COVID-19? "Prioritize product and features beneficial not just for your end user but for your business, too. Among the toxic aspects of Facebook, there's still a commitment to evolving their mission statement to create more meaningful connections." Hear the key takeaways of tools, techniques, and methodologies between two CEO's, and what kind of company survives not only recessions, but ones that hit during a global health crisis.

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