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Recognizing Injustice in Tech with Dr. Sarah Saska, CEO & Co-Founder of Feminuity
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55 MIN
Episode Summary
TribalScale CEO Sheetal Jaitly is joined by CEO & Co-Founder of Feminuity, Dr. Sarah Saska for an incredibly in-depth, transparent, and eye-opening conversation about the glaring Diversity and Inclusion effort mis-steps and equity and equality injustices currently plaguing the tech scene globally. "We need to call BS on Canadian tech sector for their diversity tout" Saska says. "There's still so much work to be done." From her explanation of taking an intersectional approach to problem solving, to how to view AI algorithms properly, to how tech companies are working rightly, and wrongly, to establish more diverse seats at their tables, this is our most illuminating and revealing episode yet.

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