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Rise of a Strategic Salesman: Advice from 20 Years in Digital with Rory Capern
Before gaining insights, we must first have meaningful conversations. We are always conversing with industry moguls and putting those insights on blast to the world.
56 MIN
Episode Summary
Host Sheetal Jaitly, CEO, TribalScale is joined by Rory Capern. An industry titan in the Canadian Tech Space throughout the past two decades, Rory has advised and overseen the rapid growth of the early days of Google and Twitter in Canada, as well as been a part of teams at Microsoft, The Weather Network, Torstar, and Bell. So what makes the most dangerous sales man? Also, Rory tell us about his "random walk down Bay Street," innovation in early days, competing with Google and ending up working on the same side, and the four things to know to capture revenue in any industry space!

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