TribalScale Partners with Senso AI to Unleash Generative AI Technology for Enhanced Software Customization

December 01, 2023

The strategic partnership will equip businesses with a formidable competitive edge by integrating Generative AI into their customized software solutions, paving the way for groundbreaking innovations and cutting-edge user experiences.

TribalScale, a leading software development firm known for crafting world-class digital products, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Senso AI, a trailblazing provider of cutting-edge AI solutions. This collaboration is set to transform the employee experience at TribalScale by harnessing the power of Senso AI's advanced solution to enhance the company's wiki support. 

TribalScale's internal repository of information will evolve into an intelligent and dynamic knowledge hub, revolutionizing information retrieval and empowering employees like never before. Gone are the days of sifting through heaps of documents or getting lost in an ocean of data. The integration of AI empowers employees to swiftly access relevant information, leading to a more efficient and empowered workforce.

Beyond the transformative impact on TribalScale's internal operations, this partnership will also pave the way for the software development firm to revolutionize the industry itself. TribalScale aims to empower businesses with a head start in embracing Generative AI, offering custom software implementations that cater to the unique needs of both current and prospective clients.

Sheetal Jaitly, CEO of TribalScale, commented on the collaboration: “"An unprecedented wave of hockey stick growth awaits those who harness the power of Generative AI. Surprisingly, 99% of organizations we engage with are uncertain where to begin. With Senso as our strategic partner, we have the edge to make a profound impact in this market, leading to substantial software implementations for our current and prospective clients. Reminding us of the early days when we championed 'Mobile First', now we embrace the transformative force of Generative AI and its indispensability in every customized software implementation moving forward."

Saroop Bharwani, CEO of Senso AI, also expressed his excitement about the partnership: "In today's global landscape, organizations of all sizes face a common challenge: an abundance of untapped, unstructured data buried within PDFs, Word Documents, and more. Employees spend considerable time daily seeking answers. For example, finding an answer for a client, or seeking employment and benefits information. This invaluable knowledge awaits liberation. 

Senso has achieved remarkable success, collaborating with financial institutions to consolidate institutional knowledge, reduce costs, and elevate customer satisfaction through the power of AI. This success has unlocked an array of new use cases. Within a matter of weeks, we can seamlessly integrate this transformative solution across an organization, delivering maximum value in record time and generating substantial near-term revenue.

To remain competitive, organizations must proactively embrace Generative AI in their workflows, empowering their teams to envision fresh perspectives on their roles. Our pioneering partnership with TribalScale positions us as frontrunners in providing your customers, prospects, and employees with these services promptly, presenting a remarkable opportunity for all."

About TribalScale

TribalScale is a global innovation firm that helps enterprises adapt and thrive in the digital era. Through agile practices, we transform teams, build best-in-class digital products, and create disruptive startups. TribalScale has consistently been recognized for its excellence and has now added Fast Company's Best Workplaces for Innovators 2023 list to its accolades.

About Senso AI

Senso AI is a pioneering provider of advanced AI solutions, pushing the boundaries of what's possible with AI. Their enterprise-grade product makes it easy for organizations to ingest institutional knowledge and improve information retrieval capabilities for a variety of use cases, opening up new possibilities for businesses seeking to unlock the potential of their data.

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