Leaders in Voice Tech

Voice assistants are on the rise. They are user-centric, intuitive, convenient, and accessible, and many companies are looking for new and innovative ways to engage with their customers. Voice is a new way for users to connect and go through their day-to-day seamlessly.

Leveraging Quick Success with Alexa

We are now creating custom voice interactions for the Amazon Alexa and the Google Home. Our resources are powering multiple voice assistant platforms and we’re proud to announce that TribalScale was named an expert Amazon Alexa Skill and Google Home Action builder!

Jumping to the Next Platform: Actions on Google

In 2016, TribalScale won the first Amazon Alexa Hackathon in Canada. We built a skill for a connected fridge and since, we’ve been busy mastering custom voice development and design.

"At TribalScale, we're always looking to experiment with innovative platforms and emerging technology, and Amazon Alexa is no exception."

Sheetal Jaitly, CEO

PGA Tour on Amazon and Google

PGA Tour Labs & Innovation partnered with TribalScale to build an Amazon Skill and an Action on Google. Through voice, fans can access tour leaderboards, player stats, and receive live updates. We integrated 3rd party analytics and features, and we continue to iterate on both platforms.

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