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Dealership logistics and automation, decoded

2060 is a solution to the old-world logistics of the automotive industry – document sharing between the buyer and seller during that special moment of a car purchase at dealerships. Unlike how this problem is currently solved, 2060 alleviates the pain-point of paper exchanging by exchanging everything in one place, in a web application, all organized by customer and document.2060 is a solution to the old-world logistics of the automotive industry – document sharing between buyers and sellers.
The business problem

2060 sought a full-service partner that could take on the engagement end to end: discovery, design, back-end, front-end and product management. Enter TribalScale. We spearheaded 2060’s business goals and turned them into tangible, usable solutions for buyers and sellers within the dealership space by placing pain-points first:

  • Document sharing and correction between buyers and sellers is a tedious process
  • Current model creates a backlog of information among multiple customers for dealership sellers
  • Increased margin of error among buyers and sellers due to multiple sources of information holding
  • Missed window of opportunity to secure deals from sellers to buyers
Key results

Improved S3 buckets which added a thick layer of security

React transition that provided scalable components

Cross-industry applicable solution preempting paperwork 

The business solution

We created a web application to share documents between buyers and sellers for dealership engagements. After a buyer expresses interest for a car purchase, the buying phase begins. Insurance claims, statements and various other forms of paperwork are exchanged among the buyer and seller to be reviewed and approved, over-the-air.



We took the old web application’s designs as it was too grand for an MVP at 2060 at this point. Some of the drawbacks of the earlier design were: clunkiness, inability to capture MVP, and feature-constraints due to technical limitations. We dialed in an MVP by conducted user research to understand the buyer and seller experience at its core. Establishing our ground early on with user experience ideation allowed the screens, design system and hand off to become a seamless process among teams.



Via agile and pair programming, we established a clean, scalable code base by making the switch from jQuery to React. With a new foundation, we accounted for all possible states a 2060 user might encounter. One of the most important factors for 2060 was security. How might we ensure we documents between buyers and sellers are safely stored under the 2060 portal? We worked to ensure the security of the Amazon AWS S3 buckets was optimized for this purpose with each build. 

  • React
  • jQuery
  • Amazon AWS
How the business benefited

Our work with 2060 has allowed us to envision the scalability of exchanging documents and files across industries. Today, the majority of dealerships are still pivoting from old-world workflows – brick and mortar, lengthy, tedious agreements among buyers. 2060 brings everything into one place, over the air. This makes every minute count and prevents frustration among both parties when it comes to agreements. Insurance, health and education are amid the possibilities of the 2060 platform in the future.

While our work with 2060 is ongoing, we were able to take an idea from conception and bring it to a feasible, affordable reality to better serve the automotive industry which further fortified our mark. We continue to provide leading solutions to 2060 and welcome the opportunity to expand their product internationally within industries.

End Result
  • Translated old designs to MVP solution
  • Expansive web application solution to exchange documents between buyers and sellers
  • Clean, scalable codebase
The key to having technology work for you, is ensuring the customer can get their job done in the least amount of time, easily.”

matthew nicolini

Product Manager @ TribalScale
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