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Canada’s largest full-service restaurant company overhauls two of their core brands to garner digital adoption

Recipe unlimited is a nationally recognized franchisor of choice with over 1300 restaurants located in more than 300 communities across Canada, including 61 international locations. Such as Swiss Chalet, Harvey's, St-Hubert, and food distribution for large operations.



The business problem

Recipe Unlimited sought a full-service partner that could assist them by creating a white-label app, capable of assisting their users and respective subsidiaries. A company able to take on the engagement end to end: discovery, design, back-end, front-end and product management. Enter TribalScale. We spearheaded multiple engagements with Recipe Unlimited, aligning their business goals and turned them into tangible, usable solutions for buyers and sellers within the food app marketplace.

  • Develop a scalable white-label product initially for Swiss Chalet, followed by St-Hubert and later on for Harvey’s and other restaurant brands

  • Reduce code overhead to increase development speed and efficiency by using Flutter combined with clean application architecture

  • Ensure that a solution can be achieved not for a specific brand, but for all the subsidiaries pertaining to Recipe Unlimited.

Key results


Intuitive and easy to use white-label app


Cross-brand scalability for efficiency


Optimized codebase


The business solution

Recipe needed a contemporary approach to their new build which included our: agile development, extreme programming, pair programming, and test-driven development. The goal was to have the experience be as seamless and intuitive as possible, attracting more downloads and customer lifetime value.


Part of the design segment of our engagement with Recipe involved a heuristic evaluation to assess the current experience associated with the Recipe brands (St.Hubert, Swiss Chalet, and Harvey’s). We then conducted user interviews to ensure the flow will work cross-brand under Recipe as well with the French translation of each app. We syntheized our findings into a journey map to identify where we could make the experience better for Recipe users.


Pair programming allowed us to ensure transferable knowledge between developers on the project. Flexibility, productivity and frequent releases is a result of pair programming and improved software quality and proved Recipe to be a success. Test-driven development helped develop a future-proof codebase, thinking through every possible state of failure and success.


  • Flutter

  • iOS

  • Android

  • PayFacto

  • Firebase


How the business benefited

Our engagement with Recipe helped us solidify our mark in the consumer goods and services industry. Much of the revenue came from ordering via website however we’ve now been able to help Recipe in their goal of shifting their customer-base to download the relevant applications. This also improved business metrics established by Recipe before our engagement began. The white-label app had a component library capable of being translated and scalable under all Recipe brands which made handoff a much simpler process.

Our relationship with the Recipe team is ever-growing thanks due to spectacular engagement between them and our team. We continue to celebrate success based on comments from the Recipe team or simply app reviews on the app store.

End Result

  • White-label app for iOS and Android

  • A/B Increase in business metrics for Recipe

  • PayFacto seamlessness

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You’ve got a company with staple Canadian restaurant chains, each offering a unique experience. How might we maintain their core brand?”

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