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Number one loyalty program revitalizes online customer experience with a sleek, modern website, designed and developed by TribalScale.

Owned and operated by LoyaltyOne, Inc., AIR MILES touches over 10 million members and is Canada’s largest loyalty rewards program. AIR MILES wanted to overhaul their shops website and create an entirely new interface that would resonate with their members so they could best compete in the rewards market.



The business problem

The AIR MILES Shops website had not been updated in over 10 years and it was important for them to deliver a user experience that aligned with their members’ needs. AIR MILES wanted to:

  • Understand user needs and behaviours and how they evolved since the legacy experience was launched.

  • Prioritize most needed web features and elements rather than porting over legacy features.

  • Design a web interface that was modern, visually appealing, and compliant with web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG).

  • Rearchitect information and content for optimal flow and comprehension.

  • Develop customizable features to allow for easy updates as the shopping season and promotional programs evolve, without the need for additional engineering.

Key results


Launched the revamped website in time for Black Friday, the busiest day for online shopping


New website was launched with a minimal dip in traffic, with a significant reduction in bugs


Built the AIR MILES Shops website to be WCAG 2.0 level AA compliant


The business solution

AIR MILES chose TribalScale because we showcased value from the start. Prior to winning the engagement, we ran an internal design sprint to uncover opportunities and devise a solution for the site re-imagination. Our team went the extra mile and we brought that same energy to creating a great product for our client.


For every feature we conducted interviews with LoyaltyOne customers, AIR MILES collectors, and held workshops with key stakeholders to gauge what was working, and what wasn’t. We prioritized new features and improvements based on the business case for each.


We rearchitected all information, created two wireframes, and determined a final site design based on client feedback and A/B testing. The redesign included personalized elements, enhanced informational clarity, and improved navigation and access to various areas on the site.


Our development team rebuilt from scratch and incorporated a highly flexible, modern content management system, Contentful. This gives the AIR MILES’ marketing team the ability to control and modify content, advertisements, as well as seasonal and event-specific pages without the need to update code. We also introduced their engineering team to new development processes, strengthening their team in the long-run.


AIR MILES was involved throughout the entire engagement, which gave them insight into project status, quality, and overall state. As with all our engagements, we conducted iterative quality assurance testing to ensure the site met and exceeded all development and design requirements.


  • Algolia

  • Google Analytics

  • Splunk

  • React

  • Amazon Web Services

  • GraphQL


How the business benefited

Launching the revamped website in time for Black Friday, the busiest day for online shopping, was a crucial goal for AIR MILES. With our effective feature prioritization and estimation, we were able to deliver.

The new website was launched with a minimal dip in traffic through the port period, far less than expected based on organic rankings, and there was a significant reduction in bugs.

Creating accessible products is a point of pride for us at TribalScale and we were able to build the AIR MILES Shops website to be WCAG 2.0 level AA compliant.

The initial re-imagination and release evolved into further work, including backend development, regular feature updates, and a Chrome extension. With a TribalScale retainer, AIR MILES was able to stay ahead of market competition, continuously re-engage existing users, and maintain excellent site performance as their user base grew.

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The discovery was a critical part of our engagement. When we started the project, we knew the need to revamp our website, but not a clear, validated roadmap of which features had the most value in tackling. The discovery brought clarity to our later development cycles, because it validated the customer problems we needed to solve most, uncovered new problems we hadn’t noticed before, and shaped our development cycle priorities.”

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