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Toronto-based FinTech, Borrowell, engaged TribalScale for a website rewrite and redesign to assist them in achieving their strategic goal: draw greater attention to their revenue-generating products.

After successfully launching their AI-powered free credit score monitoring and reporting application, Borrowell sought to actively promote their diverse offerings through a redesign and build of their consumer-facing website.



The business problem

Borrowell’s existing website faced a number of challenges that prevented the FinTech from bringing in revenue through their full repertoire of product offerings including loans, credit cards, and more. Those challenges included:

  • Under performant keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) relative to competitors, leading to a loss in organic traffic

  • High spending on digital advertising

  • Mismatch in the user experience between the website, applications, and the overall brand

  • Gated content limiting potential consumer exposure to Borrowell’s offerings and benefits

  • Outdated and counter-intuitive website design and layout with little informative content

  • Lack of compliance with AA accessibility standards

Key results


100% search engine optimization


96% performance


100% accessible


The business solution

Borrowell’s ultimate goal was to launch a revamped website that would convert visitors into customers, build brand trust and confidence, and empower Canadians to improve their financial well-being through Borrowell’s intuitive and innovative tools and information. In order to do so, we engaged in the following:


Our team led a series of design activities with Borrowell’s stakeholders to identify a) how to best reflect their brand ethos and b) to determine all essential web pages. Further, we ensured the design was AA accessibility compliant and uniform throughout.


Rather than build each distinct page from scratch, which is costly, we took a forward-thinking approach and opted for a modular site where components could be used and re-used down the road. With a modular site, employees would be able to easily build a page by mixing and matching various components in line with their needs.


Using Contentful, a content management system, and GatsbyJS, a modern website generator framework, we built a site that was dynamically generated, highly customizable, quick, responsive, and allowed for excellent SEO. We also worked very closely with the Borrowell team and taught them how to use Contentful through a workshop, how to model within, and how the project integrates Contentful architecturally. This helped the whole team best understand how to build upon the site in the future, and allowed for post-engagement self-sufficiency.


While our product manager worked very closely with Borrowell’s product owner to ensure the work delivered exceeded their expectations, our engineering team also assisted with Borrowell’s development operations and provided all quality assurance engineering support.


  • GatsbyJS

  • Contentful

  • React

  • Emotion


How the business benefited

Through our work, we helped Borrowell expand their reach, attract and convert visitors, improve their SEO ranking, and educate potential and real clients on their extensive product offering. The website rebuild and design dramatically increased Borrowell’s scores across the board, as determined by a Lighthouse Audit.

By working very closely with Borrowell’s team throughout the course of the engagement, we were able to deliver an innovative website that met their technological and business challenges, and one that was well within budget.

End Result

  • 100% of best practices followed

  • Improved SEO ranking

  • Increased scores based on Lighthouse Audit

  • OKRs met

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Advertising can only get you so far. When it comes to Fintech solutions, your brand better deliver. AI has also made it intuitive for users and lucrative for businesses looking to maximize their margins.”

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Sheetal Jaitly

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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