Leveraging AI to Drive Innovation and Sustainability

McCain Foods is a global leader in potato and french fry production, working with major players in the consumption and distribution of french fry-related products.



The business problem

Much like other competitors in the food manufacturing industry, McCain saw huge opportunity for digital and data in their business. Following a successful digital transformation of their agricultural function, McCain aimed to optimize their manufacturing operations using real-time analytics and AI-driven decision-making. Their strategic direction focused on leveraging technology to increase profitability, improve quality standards, and enhance global production efficiency, with the goal of maintaining both their competitiveness in the market and commitment to sustainability.

Key results


100% application completion rates within 2 months of deployment


10-25 second average improvement in app performance


Implementation across McCain’s flagship plant with plans to roll out to all other 50 plants globally


The business solution

TribalScale collaborated with McCain to develop a custom digital manufacturing solution, starting first with their flagship plant in Florenceville NB, Canada, with plans to roll it out to their other plants globally Our approach focused on scalability and transferability, allowing the developed solutions to be implemented across multiple plants Wave 1 of the project involved building two key applications: Digital Centerline Management (DCL and Digital Daily Direction Setting (DDDS).

  • DCL leverages AI and historical data to optimize cooking and preparation processes for McCain's fries It provides real-time recommendations for adjusting the production line based on raw potato quality and environmental conditions Wave 2 aimed to enhance DCL further with proactive recommendations to operators and supervisors, leveraging AI and mechanical situational awareness.

  • DDDS transforms traditional checklists, handoffs, and shift meetings into a modern, customizable tool It facilitates efficient communication, knowledge sharing, and problem-solving among shift participants, ultimately improving production and packaging line efficiency

The transformation element was ingrained in each product and wave, ensuring usability, modification, and future adaptability TribalScale's iterative development approach involved continuous collaboration with McCain's executives, champions, operators, and supervisors, resulting in a sustainable and impactful digital transformation.


  • Microsoft Powerapps

  • TypeScript

  • Node.js

  • Koa

  • Swagger

  • Docker

  • Cucumber

  • Jest

  • Microsoft Azure


How the business benefited

As a testament to the project's success and ongoing commitment, McCain Foods continues to work closely with TribalScale, pushing the digital transformation forward with an eye on future advancements and innovations.

With the McCain Digital Revitalization project as a shining example, TribalScale reaffirms its position as a leading Agile digital transformation partner. Through their holistic approach, deep expertise, and focus on sustainable, functional releases, TribalScale empowers enterprises to adapt, thrive, and innovate in the digital era.

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TribalScale’s expertise with Agile development has been key in this project, which is ultimately a great learning opportunity for McCain as we are focused on building a capability to build digital tools.”

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Caroline Morissette

VP of Digital & Data at McCain Foods

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